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cencoastlolitas's Journal

Central Coast Lolitas
Central Coast
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All Members
EGL Community for the Lolitas of Central Coast California
This is a community for all the Central Coast lolitas, past and present. You can arrange for meetings, tea parties, get togethers, and photo shoots. Come in and enjoy yourself. You can also post your trades, as long as you don't spam. Show you outfits. We love to see your coordinates. Lolis of Central Cali are welcome, too.

This community has moderated membership for the protections of the members.
Please keep all post on topic.
There will be no inappropriate icons, as in all icons used in this community will be under PG-13.
All post must be in comm default setting. So, no colored texts, no super large or super small text. Also, no CAPSLOCK please.
Any post that are NSFW will be post under a cut and with a warning outside of the cut in the post.
Sale posts are allowed as long as it is within California once a month.
Trade posts are allowed as long as it is within California.
ADIML (A Day in My Life) style lolita photo posts are welcome.
Lolita related communities and etsy advertisements are allowed as long as it's a part of relevant post and the etsy advertisement is shown as a link, not as graphics.
Images larger than 600 px is to be under a cut. One picture is allowed outside of Lj cut. in a multi image post. No hotlinking please.
Lolita related project posts and recipe posts are allowed.
This community is new lolita friendly and is here to promote and encourage the enjoyment of the lolita lifestyle.
Flaming and rude behaviors will not be tolerated.
All rule breakers will be treated accordingly as if they are primates and banned.

Event format:

[cost, if any]:

Intro format:

a+lidel, abjd, alice auaa, altered couture, angelic pretty, anime, anna house, antique, aristocrat, atelier boz, atelier pierrot, belle amoire, bjd, black peace now, bloomers, bonnet, btssb, busk, bustle, c-rock, california, casual lolita, cat ears, central coast, chamber music, cincher, comic, concert, convention, cooking, corsets, costume, cpop, cupcake, cutsew, cyberpunk, dandy, decora, deviant art, diy, doll, edwardian, edwardian era, egl, elegant gothic aristocrat, elegant gothic lolita, embroidery, emily temple cute, ero lolita, fashion, fashion design, fruits, gackt, gallery, goth, gothic, gothic and lolita bible, h. naoto, hair falls, harajuku, hat, heels, himegyaru, innocent world, j-pop, j-rock, japanese street fashion, jumpskirt, k-pop, k-rock, kawaii, kera, kigurumi, kimono, kodona, lace, lewis carroll, lolita, ma/mam, macaron, malice mizer, mana, manga, mary jane, mary magdalene, marzipan, metamorphose, milk, mini hat, moi meme moite, mourning attire, museum, music, obi, ohime, ouji, pajama, parasol, park, parlor, pastry, petticoat, photography, picnic, poetry, punk, punk lolita, qi lolita, rave, re-ment set, rococco, ruffles, san luis obispo, san-x, sanrio, santa barbara, sewing, shibuya, shinjuku, shoes, sight seeing, socks, steam, steampunk, steampunk lolita, stockings, stomacher, street fashion, sweet lolita, symphony, tea, tea party, techno, teddy bear, tiramisu, tokidoki, toy, union jack, ventura, victorian, victorian era, victorian maiden, victoriana, vintage clothing, vinyl toy, visual kei, vivienne westwood, volks, wa lolita, wagashi